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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Product Review - Kong Dog Toys

Dogs will chew, always. They do it to relieve boredom and reduce stress. It is the eternal struggle of every dog owner to find something their puppy can chew, and not destroy. Everyone wants a dog toy that can be chewed, and survive to be chewed another day. The Kong company has done just that. I have not ever seen a dog toy that can withstand the abuse the standard Kong rubber chew toy just shrugs off and says "Is that all you got?"

It is made of a durable hard rubber that is soft enough it won't damage a dog's mouth, but tough enough that a few puncture holes won't damage it's integrity. Many toys have an air filled pouch of them, to provide some sort of resistance and push back from the toy. Those sorts of toys are easily punctured, and immediately lose their appeal. Not the Kong, it has an open cavity that provides that same unique resistance, yet there is no air filled bladder to puncture.

Another really nice feature of the Kong, is the open cavity. The size of the cavity allows the dog to be able to get it's tongue in, but not it's teeth. This is an excellent device to provide mental stimulation. Dogs crave a challenge, and by putting treats or,  my personal favorite, peanut butter in the Kong's hole, the dog must work to get the tasty tidbits out. This literally can provide hours of fun and mental work for any dog.

Kong has also provided a selection of tasty treats to put in it's Kong toys. These pastes work just like peanut butter, except they have different flavors. They even have one for bad breath! Search for Kong Stuff N Easy.

I give the Kong line of toys and treats a big two thumbs up and 5 stars! Many companies will make similar items, but they never seem to hold up as well as the original. Kong toys are always reasonably priced as well. Often times you can pay double the price that you would for a Kong, for a toy that will only last a day at best.

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