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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Product Review - Fooey and Bitter Apple Biting/Chewing Deterrent

Chewing or biting by your pet can be an unpleasant habit that at times seems impossible to break. Some animals, such as dogs, chew objects to ease stress. Birds, ferrets, and other small animals bite objects to get a sample of their smell, taste, and texture. Biting and chewing is a natural behavior of our pets that helps them to perceive their world.  I like to chew on everything, even cargo by Bukowsky18, on Flickr
Unfortunately, when they are trying to perceive your finger, or your kitchen table's legs, the results can be pain or the destruction of your prized possessions. There are many products available that claim to deter your pet's natural behavior. The most effective of these are the sprays Bitter Apple and Fooey.
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License
by  Bukowsky18 

The first of these, Bitter Apple, is a spray that you apply to any object you don't want your pet to chew or bite. It is non-staining and can be applied to almost any object. It's secret is it's ingredient, pure alcohol. There can be a slight odor when applied, but it dissipates quickly as the alcohol evaporates. The evaporation rate of alcohol is also this product's downside. While the taste is unpleasant, it doesn't last long. If the animal is curious enough to try and put the object in their mouth a second time, it's likely they will learn the taste starts to go away.

In my opinion, a more effective deterrent is the Fooey Ultra Bitter Spray.  I have personally tasted both of these products, and I tell you from experience, Fooey is exponentially worse tasting. It still has a bitter taste, but it doesn't evaporate like Bitter Apple. Once the taste gets on your pets tongue, beak, or lips it is there to stay. Some dog owners have found that their dog actually enjoys the taste of Bitter Apple, but this will not happen with Fooey. Fooey is not made with alcohol, but grapefruit skin extracts. It also has no odor, and won't stain. Fooey can even be used topically on a dog that may be chewing at itself, and it won't burn an open sore like the alcohol in Bitter Apple could. If I have had to choose between these two products, I would definitely choose the Fooey for every occasion.

While it may be impossible to prevent your pet from biting and chewing, it is possible to deter them from biting or chewing certain objects. Both of these sprays are effective at making your pet think twice about chewing anything the spray is applied to, including fingers. By directing you're pet's chewing behavior to more acceptable objects like toys, you'll be able to make both you and your pet happier!

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